Social CEO of the Week: Peter Aceto, CEO of Tangerine Bank

In my very first ‘Social CEO of the Week’ post, I’m profiling Peter Aceto, CEO of Tangerine Bank (Formerly ING Direct) in Canada (

Peter really embraces social media, particularly Twitter, and famously said: “I would rather engage in a Twitter conversation with a single customer than see our company attempt to attract the attention of millions in a coveted Super Bowl commercial.”

For him, a strong social presence is a powerful branding tool – a differentiator that sets him apart from other leaders, particularly in the banking sector.

He believes leaders have a lot to gain by engaging with employees, customers and prospective customers in meaningful dialogue about their lives, challenges, interests and concerns. By doing so, they build a community of trust, loyalty and, over time, help them become advocates and champions for the brand.

It’s a compelling argument and one that he puts into practice every day.

You can find Peter on Twitter at @PeterAceto. He blogs regularly on his LinkedIn account ( and is also the author of Weology (