The Social CEO book

My research over the last few years has shown that there is a huge gulf in understanding by senior leaders about the implications of the huge changes going on in society – what some are calling the Social Age. These changes, enabling anyone with a smartphone to sign up to a social network and to comment on anything and everything, are revolutionary.


Despite this quiet revolution, which has been embraced by the masses, it is the people at the top of organisations who have been slowest to understand and adapt to it. Many are still seemingly unaware that it is a revolution.

In the meantime, a small number of leaders have understood the implications of the Social Age and are embracing it wholeheartedly. These leaders, who will contribute the section at the heart of my book with their own experiences and observations of the value of social media, are the vanguard.

We’ve now reached a point where interest in social leadership is at an all-time high. Almost daily there is a new article published, espousing the need for CEOs to ‘get social’.

The aim of the book therefore is to educate and inspire senior leaders to embrace the Social Age and learn to utilise social media to make them better leaders. My vision is for the book to become the definitive go-to resource for any leader struggling with these issues.

It has contributions from almost 30 writers from across the globe, including industry-recognised experts in social business and practicing ‘social CEOs’. It breaks down the many aspects of leading in the Social Age into bite-sized chapters, with topics such as personal branding, socila selling, managing risk and public relations. It also includes chapters written by CEOs from many different sectors, from healthcare to sport, who share their experience and offer advice about utilising social media in their sectors.

The book is availbale for pre-order on Amazon now:

The contributors (with links to their Twitter accounts) , are:

Zoe Amar (Founder of Zoe Amar Digital, Chair of the Charity Digital Code|Co-author of the Charity Digital Skills Report, Co-founder of the #SocialCEOs awards, Trustee of Charoty Digital News)

Matt Ballantine (Advisor to CIOs and CTOs)

David Barker (CEO, Trustee and Founder of Thrive Charity Consulting, part time CEO of Youth Talk)

Chris Bartley (Managing Director and Chief Innovation Officer at Havas Life Medicom)

Nicola Brentnall (CEO of The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust)

Michelle Carvill (Founder of Carvill Creative, Author of ‘#GetSocial’)

Mary Curnock Cook (Former CEO of UCAS, Chaor of The Access Project, On the Boards of The Open University, the Student Loans Company, LKMco, United Learning and Founders4Schools, Advisor for Hepi and Cairneagle)

Andrea Edwards (Founder of The Digital Conversationalist)

Katie Elizabeth (Founder, CEO and heaf of UX at Stella Digital)

Paul Frampton Calero (EMEA CEO of Handy Travel, Chair of Big Youth Group, ex-CEO of Havas Media)

Sarah Goodall (Founder of Trabal Impact)

Tammy Gordon (President of Verified Strategy)

Brett Gosper (CEO of World Rugby and the Rugby World Cup)

Julia Hanigsberg (President & CEO of the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital)

Samantha Kelly (Founder of Tweeting Goddess, owner of the Women’s Inspire Network, board member of the British Irish Trading Alliance, speaker)

Oliver Lawal (Founder/CEO of AquiSense Technologies, President of the IUVA)

Bob Pickard (Principal at Signal Leadership, public relations for leaders, Executive Fellow at the Center for the Future of Organization)

Tom Marchant (Co-Founder of The Black Tomato Group)

Chris Mason (CEO of FISITA, the international membership organisation for the automotive and mobility systems engineering profession)

Jan Owen (CEO of the Foundation for Young Australians)

Charles Pender (Former Mayor of the City Of Corner Book, Newfoundland)

Theo Priestley (Chief marketing officer, futurist, keynote speaker)

Euan Semple (Consultant/Speaker/Author of ‘Organizations Don’t Tweet, People Do’)

David Taylor (Founder of DNAsix, business communications expert, experienced speaker and author)

Mark Tercek (Former CEO of The Nature Conservancy, author of ‘Nature’s Fortune’)

Martin Thomas (Marketing consultant, author of the ‘FT Guide to Social Media Strategy’, ‘Loose’ and ‘Crowdsurfing’ (with David Brain), Institute of Directors Social Media course leader)

Jack Salzwedel (Chair & CEO of American Family Mutual Insurance Company)

Brian Solis (Digital Analyst and Anthropologist, Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker)