What’s the value of social media?

Social media is a complex, ever-changing beast and there’s a lot of bullshit spoken about it. But it’s becoming ubiquitous, impinging on almost every facet of society and business.

C-level executives who say “show me the money” may as well ask about the value of the Internet, or the telephone, the telegraph, the railway, the industrial revolution or the printing press. These were all absolutely revolutionary in the effect they had on individuals, society and business. How can you measure that?

So, instead of asking “What’s the value of social media?”, “How can we measure it?”, “What’s the goddamn ROI?”, the C-Suite should be saying “Let’s get to grips with this quick, and while we’re on it, lets scan the horizon for what other surprises might be around the corner to impact on our business”.

The value of social media is far larger than anyone can comprehend.